2017-2018 Staff

Michaela Kasper


Michaela Jeanne Kasper is a shy, soft-spoken person. She rarely speaks in class, but will talk to people she knows. She loves to write and draw, and has written many different stories over the her fifteen years of life.  She...

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Rachel McDaniel


Rachel is a visual arts student and a very creative person. As long as she's not writing about herself she enjoys writing and loves to read. She can also qualify as the most boring person on the planet (or maybe even the solar...

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Grace Pritchett


Meet Grace Pritchett. She loves to write, and read. She also has a crippling addiction to fan-fiction. She stays up until five a.m writing occasionally. Rest in piece her sleep schedule. She's in Digital Journalism because she...

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Lyndzey Kay Maness


Lyndzey Kay Maness, who is she? Do you remember at the end of last year, when you kept seeing memes and Nicolas Cage faces everywhere? Lyndzey did it. You can blame her. She can play violin, viola, a few songs on piano, some excerpts...

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Enrique .M. Solis


Hello, There is a guy who is name is Enrique .M. Solis.  He is a very nice guy and also kinda shy. His most recent accomplished was that he went to summer school and improved his grades.  He added some more credits to get caught...

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Isabella Palmer


Isabella Palmer is senior at NMHS and Editor and Chief of the 2017-18 Tornado Times. Her favorite food is any kind of pasta, she works at Lava Lanes and loves her job, and she has been a staff member to Tornado Times since she...

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