Puppy Bowl

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Brayden Stimpson

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The Puppy Bowl is a TV program that makes fun of the all-time favorite American football game, the Super Bowl. Using puppies as the players, they set the puppies in a smaller size football field where they place multiple dog toys, and you (the audience) enjoy watching the puppies be cute and seeing which one will bring their toys into the end-zone. The first Puppy Bowl was aired on February 6th, 2005 with 12 episodes so far in their series. All the puppies entered into the Puppy Bowl are available for adoption, and there are many different breeds.

The Puppy Bowl XIII had a total of 40 puppies entered in the Game. Some of the breeds they have are Pomskys, Otterhounds/Lab Mix, Terrier Mix, Golden Retriever and Husky/Sheperad Mix.  These are just a few that you will see out on the field. They divide the puppies into two groups Ruff and Fluff.  Then, the two teams battle it out for the win.

In this years Puppy Bowl XIII, Team Fluff took home the Lombarki Trophy with a 93-38 win. It was an impressive comeback from two consecutive years of losing badly to its rival team Ruff. Rory a poodle-terrier mix earned the honor of being the MVP after his amazing performance.  Next year, if your NFL team doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl, consider a lower impact league known as the Puppy Bowl.

Source:   http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/puppy-bowl/

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Puppy Bowl